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Winter Garden

зимний сад     garden.JPG     зимний сад

Welcome to the Winter Garden to Settle your Mind and Relax.

The Winter Garden is an exquisite addition to our hotel complex. Live flowers put on different levels and waterfall streaming along a mirror and stone décor create the unique atmosphere of relaxation. There is a small library here as well. Among the books, you may find classic literature, romances, science fiction etc.

Our Winter Garden is not just a beautiful and warm corner of the complex but a historical place where, according to a legend, the gold-containing river was flowing, and old believers were living not far from here.

“…At the end of the 18th century, this place was, virtually, the center of a deep pine forest. Nowadays, a park is the only thing that is left so far. The gold - containing river was flowing under the ground. As the legend says, the gold was mined here with a legendary Chude. There were many underground springs, the water was just miraculous, fulfilling wishes and curing many diseases. Even today the remains of this river flow under the ground.

The old believers honoured this spring as miraculous. They lived not so far from this place; their cells were located on the bank of Miass river in the caves less than a kilometer from here. These caves were dug long ago during gold and precious stone mining period. Before the Revolution, they were searching and mining the gold in the depth of the park. People say, even today one can find rock crystal sand sometimes topaz or morions there. In the memory of those old believers-monks, the names of the first, second and third “monks” remained…”

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